Antler Pizza

Our homemade recipe for crust and sauce made right in our kitchen! Our cheese is a proprietary blend of 4 cheeses we hand blend to make our unique taste! All pizzas are made  fresh to order and cooked in our seasoned, brick lined gas ovens!

Try our New Specialty Pizzas: Mexican TacoChicken Alfredo, Vegetarian Pizza, Meat Lovers, Barbeque Pulled Pork, and Barbeque Chicken Pizza! Get Barbeque Chicken and Barbeque Pulled Pork together!  Try our new Antler Everything Pizza! It's huge! It comes with all our 9 standard Supreme toppings PLUS: pulled pork, chicken, breakfast bacon, and pepperoncici peppers!

               NOTE: Specialty pizzas EXCEPT the Antler Pizza are charged as a Supreme Pizza!  

Don't want marinara pizza sauce? Try our garlic and butter sauce, our homemade ranch, plain, or our creamy Alfredo Sauce at no additional charge!

We now offer a Gluten Free, Vegan Crust made with Cauliflower! It only comes in a medium size (we do not make this crust). 

Bring your own Anchovies and we will put them on your pizza at no additional charge! (Must be in original packaging - sealed can or jar)

Cheese Pizza:

  • Mini: $4.99
  • Small (10"): $6.59
  • Medium (12"): $8.59
  • Large (14"): $10.59
  • X-Large (16"): $12.59

Single Topping:

  • Mini: $5.50
  • Small (10"): $8.24
  • Medium (12"): $11.24
  • Large (14"): $13.24
  • X-Large (16"): $15.24

Two Topping:

  • Mini: $6.25
  • Small (10"): $9.49
  • Medium (12"): $12.49
  • Large (14"): $15.49
  • X-Large (16"): $17.49


  • Mini: $9.00
  • Small (10"): $13.74
  • Medium (12"): $16.74
  • Large (14"): $20.74
  • X-Large (16"): $22.74


     Mini : $11.99, Small: $16.99, Medium: $20.99,

     Large: $25.99, X-Large: $29.99           

A side of Homemade Ranch, Marinara, or Garlic & Butter $0.50 each!

 OUR SUPREME COMES WITH 9 STANDARD TOPPINGS! THE MOST AROUND THE AREA! The red S beside the toppings show the 9 standard Supreme toppings!


Meats: S Hamburger, S Italian Sausage, S Pepperoni, S Canadian Bacon, Chicken, S Pork Sausage, Pulled Pork, Breakfast Bacon. 

(Our Canadian Bacon (ham) is real baked carving ham pieces! Not a watered down deli ham that is mostly used for a pizza topping!)

Vegetables: S Mushrooms, S Onions, S Green Peppers,S Black Olives, Jalapenos, Artichoke Hearts, Pepperoncini Peppers, Green Olives, Pineapple, Spinach

Pineapple is $.90 extra on any pizza with over 3 toppings.

ADD: Chicken $2.99, Breakfast Bacon $1.99,  Pulled Pork $3.99 extra. (These are 6-8oz portions of extra meat if added to a large or extra large pizza!)

Extra toppings EXCEPT premium meat toppings add $.90 each.

Our Antler Everything Pizza is huge!!! Very thick with toppings and heavy! Our Chicken Alfredo pizza comes with our grilled chicken pieces, sliced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach leaves, pepperoncini peppers, our 4 blend of cheeses, with Alfredo sauce on the crust! A real Italian treat! Our Mexican Taco pizza comes with our homemade taco meat, chopped green peppers, chopped onion, black olives, tomatoes, lettuce, our 4 cheese blend of cheeses, crushed Doritos on top and our homemade taco sauce on the crust! Its a treat! Our Barbeque Pulled Pork/Chicken Pizza has Barbeque Sauce on the crust, our signature slow cooked pulled pork, onions, mushrooms, grilled chicken pieces (if chicken is desired), pepperoncini peppers, and our signature blend of 4 cheeses! Its a unique flavor of sweet! Our Vegetarian Pizza has all the standard supreme veggie toppings, with no meat, with our 4 cheese blend of cheeses on it! You can get this with our vegan, gluten free crust if desired (medium only). Our Meat Lovers Pizza comes with all Supreme meat toppings, with no veggies, and our 4 blend of cheeses!

We can customize your pizza with any of our topping combinations for your dining pleasure! You tell our servers what you want and we will build it for you!